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#Paranormal #Urban #Fantasy #MMRomance
Grotesque is a short story that appeared in the GRL 2015 Anthology, With Love from San Diego. A full-length novel is currently underway.

Sam is a recluse and makes no secret of his disdain for the company of others. But for his sarcastic butler, Sinclair, Sam sees no one. Cursed by his past, and sworn to protect an ancient codex, his days are spent restoring archaic texts, and his nights are spent cast in stone—literally—for Sam is the grotesque that guards the library that hides the grimoire from primordial creatures who would use its secrets to wreak evil in the human realm.

Zori came to Spain with dreams of attending university and becoming a master philologist. With his scholarship exhausted, and his parents no longer willing to support him, Zori is homeless and now roams the streets of Salamanca in the dead of winter in search of food and warmth. When a stranger saves him from near death, his world changes in ways he never imagined.

When ancient and modern worlds collide, will Sam allow his love for Zori to soften his heart of stone? Will Zori see the beauty within the grotesque?

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Ethan Robertson by James Dimitri
Shooting Star
 #Urban #Futuristic #Scifi #MMRomance
"I must not think, I may not gaze,
On what I amon what I was."

It was the year 3012. First, there had been the stem-cell scientists and gene-splicers, and then came interstellar travel. Under the auspices of the Human Genome Project, they created a race of human-alien hybrids with superior psychokinetic powers. A millennium later, they named them an abomination before God and called for their annihilation. They.

Ffolant was the most powerful human-Jupitarian hybrid in existence and they came after him. At age eighteen, they had murdered his parents in front of him to make a point. They sheared his wings and genetically enhanced him. And almost killed him in the process. Then they made him a tracker – of his own kind. They.

Now, at twenty-two, he was their most trusted assassin. He was elite and he loathed it. Rebellion thundered behind his eyes and hatred burst like caustic fireworks in his mind. The need for insurrection permeated his veins, bittersweet saccharin on his senses and a cloying miasma on humanity’s horizon. Only love can stop the coming storm.

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#Fantasy #Futuristic #Scifi #MMRomance

Sometime in the far off future, a Wraith is tasked with the recovery of top-secret military cargo from a stranded space freighter. The cargo turns out to be an entity-- an entity that the Wraith refuses to return to his military superiors. When life and death collide, can they unite to rebuild humanity and save the universe?
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